The overseas education of more than four million American children and youth since World War II is an unwritten chapter in the history of American education and represents the schooling of several generations under circumstances unique to human history.

Today the U. S. Departments of Defense and State operate or assist more than 300 schools in over 100 foreign countries. Additionally there are more than 600 private American owned or supported schools abroad.



The American Overseas Schools Historical Society is a non-profit organization that collects, records, preserves, exhibits and provides research opportunities using historical archival memorabilia of the American overseas schools.  Members promote global knowledge and understanding of this unique endeavor, thus documenting a critical chapter in the history of American education.




"Dome of the Rock" (Qubbat al-Sakhrah) shrine, located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. Do you know them?

  1. Market and circulate the need to receive, inventory and preserve American Overseas Schools’ memorabilia and archival level documents
  2. Explore and establish locations to share said memorabilia and archival documents in the AOSHS collections
  3. Protect and develop the AOSHS facility – maintenance, repair, upgrades of all systems
  4. Continue to publicize and increase recognition of AOSHS utilizing multiple current technologies, printed materials and personal contacts
  5. Membership – maintain, increase and be informative to members regarding AOSHS projects; continue to publish Quarterly Newsletter (hard copy and online)
  6. Pursue partnerships from local communities, general membership and similar organizations that focus on strengthening the awareness and knowledge of AOSHS
  7. Gain fundraising and grants to increase revenues needed for future growth and prosperity